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Jul 30, 2012

Tim, Matt, and Francisco sit down to talk about Tim's vacation, Ernest's epic 43 minute match about DJ Jackson, the letdown of UFC 149, and Lloyd Irvin's approach vs. Ryron Gracie's approach.

Tim reviews the message boards and talks about doing PCP to win Worlds, belt obsession, and training with athletes foot.

The guys take a couple listner phone calls and respond to listern questions.

The guys try relentlessly to get Jeff Glover on but have no success so Tim plays interviews with Zak Maxwell and Marcus Almeida "Buchecha".

Tim and Matt play a sound clip of their crazy uncle telling a story about being in prison and having to defend himself from a "weirdo".

At the end of the night Jeff Glover calls in but the guys experience an equipment issue and aren't able to record the interview.