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Jul 29, 2013

Tim starts off the show talking about his recent trip to San Diego. Tim talks about his visits at Gracie Carlsbad in Carlsbad, CA and Excel Jiu-Jitsu in Oceanside, CA. Later, Tim congratulates his long time training partner and friend, Bobby Moksouphanh, on receiving his black belt from Crosley Gracie.

Tim also talks to...

Jul 16, 2013

Tim starts off the show talking about his recent experience at the Summer 2013 Tough Mudder in Tahoe, CA. Tim and Matt talk about Ernest's creative use of the school's built in vacuum system and Nick Diaz rumored fill in for Josh Koscheck at UFC 163.

Later, the guys call Gracie Mag CEO and Co-Founder, Luca Atalla,...

Jul 8, 2013

Tim starts off the show telling a story of how he was recently sprayed by a skunk the night before July 4th. Tim and Ernest then call Leo Frincu to recap UFC 162. Leo talks about the importance of staying aware during your workouts, the role of confidence in competition, and getting to the real purpose of why you...

Jul 5, 2013

Tim and Matt sit down with one half of the Helluva Guy duo, Sean Johansen. The guys talk about the cast of crazy characters they train with on a regular basis.

Jul 1, 2013

Join Tim and Ernest for a podcast live from the 2013 Gracie Worlds. The guys are joined on the podcast by Javier Vazquez, Tom Atencio, Andre Glodzinksi, Rhalan Gracie, Ian, Duane “Bang” Ludwig, TJ Dillashaw, Justin Buchholz, Brooke Goldsworthy, Kurt Osiander, and more.