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Jun 24, 2013

Tim starts off the show talking about the WAR Mixed Martial Arts event that Nick Diaz put on in Stockton on June 22nd, 2013. Tim talks about the "special" type of MMA crowd in Stockton and how Nate Diaz almost got into a fight with a corner man from the opposing camp. Matt gets defensive when Tim suggests the Stockton fighters did not fair too well in the event. The guys talk about Metamoris 3 and the removal of judges from future Metamoris events, Kurt Osiander's submission only event coming up in August, 2013, and Tim being accused of being a jiu-jitsu bully.

Later, the guys call Rener Gracie to talk about jiu-jitsu for law enforcement, what reasonable force is, and how Rener and Ryron innovate new self-defense techniques for law enforcement. The guys ask Rener about Metamoris 3, Brendan Schuab's performance, submission only jiu-jitsu, and what points have done to the evolution of jiu-jitsu. Ernest asks Rener about some jiu-jitsu rumors and much much more.

Don't miss this great podcast with the one and only Rener Gracie.